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I write what I live. Being a Dad | Writing | Business | Life | Learning how to do it all better | Podcast — Please Allow Me To Clareifi —

Don’t stop playing the long game. It takes time to get it right, and you’re not alone.

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I’ve been writing on Medium for just about two years. During that time, I’ve come to love and appreciate the supportive community, the freedom of expression, and the multitude of opportunities that have come as a direct result of sharing my work on this platform.

I’ve learned that building your…

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I’ve been experimenting with different social audio platforms recently. As a podcaster and content creator whose mission is to explore, evaluate and share ways that I’m learning how to earn a living online, I’m excited about social audio as a medium.

Despite reports by SocialMediaToday among others that interest in…

Before, pronouns were more than just grammar

That woman was


Since the first time I saw her

I had to know her story

That woman?

Who was she? How will I know?

Come to find out that our story would grow


Radiance and beauty drew me in


Please allow me to, Clareifi.

Just me trying to figure it all out.

Hello Medium community!

I’m Euri Giles, and I am so excited about the opportunity to write, grow, learn, contribute, and share not only on Medium but here at ILLUMINATION. …

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You don’t recognize me anymore.

All your memories are gone.

Only I can hold them in my mind.

Only me,


You’re confused, don’t want to be here.

You’d rather be at home.

I still call you dad.

You used to call me son.

You don’t recognize me anymore.


Why is it that all the great ideas that you have in the middle of the night seem to turn to shit before your eyes when it’s time to sit down and work? I re-wrote that sentence three times before I finally decided that’s what I wanted to say.


My dad has Alzheimer’s.

He was diagnosed more than 9 years ago in 2012. He is now in “stage 6 late” where he has:

Significant impairment in short- and long-term memory, and difficulties in dressing and toileting without help. Easily gets confused and frustrated and says little unless directly addressed.

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I believe that we’re all born to be creative. When we grow into adulthood, one of two things usually happen.

  1. Our creativity is encouraged and nourished by our family, friends and loved ones.
  2. Conformity and control begin to pervade our creative confidence, effectively killing any notions of being different, especially…

Euri Giles

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